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BYU–Hawaii Entrance Requirements

  1. Cambridge Advanced Level Certificate aka General Certificate of Education ‘A’ Level.
  2. Ecclesiastical endorsement.
  3. Missionary and community service, work experience, and age may also be used as determining factors in admission.

Grading System for Secondary Education

  • A-F for Ordinary ("O")
  • Level and Advanced ("A")
  • Level. E for "A"
  • Level and D for "O"

Level. Grading System used in Zimbabwe for the ‘O’ Levels in the GCE is as follows:

1 75-100 A Very Good
2 70-74 A Very Good
3 65-69 B Pass with credit
4 60-64 B Pass with credit
5 55-59 C Pass with credit
6 45-54 C Pass with credit
7 35-44 D School Certificate Subject Pass-No GCE Pass
8 25-34 E School Certificate Subject Pass-No GCE Pass
9 0-24 F Fail

Grading System for Higher Education

  • 80%+ =1 (First Division);
  • 70%-79%=2.1 (Upper Second Division);
  • 60%-69% =2.2 (Lower Second Division);
  • 50%-59%= 3 (Third Division);
  • Below 50%= Fail. (used by University of Zimbabwe for undergraduate and masters degrees by coursework)

For more information on how to submit your transcripts, see International Transcript Submission.