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Checklist- FAQ

How can I access my new student checklist?

  • After completing your intent to enroll, an email titled "New Student Onboarding Checklist" will be sent to you. Within this email, you will find a unique access link that will take you directly to the checklist without any login.
  • This access link can be used multiple times for re-entering the checklist.
  • If you are having trouble with your checklist or have not received one, please submit a Ho'okele Support Request.

How do I send my intent to enroll?

  • After receiving your acceptance letter, you will be sent an email with the subject line of “BYU–Hawaii Intent to Enroll.” Within this email, you will find a unique access token that will allow you to accept, defer (for missionary/military services), delay or cancel your offer of admission. Your intent to enroll will be sent seven days after you have been admitted.
  • With this same code, you will be prompted to create a username and password for your BYU–Hawaii Student Center.
  • If you are having trouble with your intent to enroll or have not received one, please visit: Intent to Enroll (ITE).

Where do I send my immunization records?

  • All students are required to have updated MMR1 and MMR2 records sent to Health Services before they can register for classes. Students are also required to get a TB test, this can be done either at your local physician's office prior to arriving at BYUH or at the Health Center on campus once you arrive.
  • The Proof of Immunization Form needs to be sent to BYU–Hawaii Health Services.


How can I apply for housing?

How do I log into my BYUH email account?

  • Once you have completed the BYU–Hawaii student account and email creation process your student email account will be created. This email account will be the official and primary email address used to send official university communication. Every student is provided a campus email account and is expected to check it frequently.
  • Outlook Email:
  • Please visit the IT website for answers to questions or to find directions on how to access or forward your BYU–Hawaii email.

How can I register for classes?

When should I arrive for New Student Orientation?

  • We suggest you visit this informational site which will make your transition to campus life easier: New Student Orientation.

How can I reserve a shuttle to campus?

  • If you need a ride from the airport to campus, please view our shuttle options.

International Students

Where Should I Send a Copy of my Passport?