Returned Missionary Voucher Program


In recognition of sound leadership and a proven commitment to study, exemplary missionaries who are from or have served in the Pacific Rim, but who do not qualify for the I-WORK financial aid program, may be selected by their mission president to receive equivalent to one-half tuition award for one semester to BYU–Hawaii.

For further information regarding scholarship amounts and criteria please visit: Financial Aid Terms and Conditions.


Prospective Students

  • The prospective student is from or has served a full-time mission in the Pacific Rim (South Pacific and Far East).
  • The prospective student is a returned missionary with an honorable release within the past year (must be admitted to BYU–Hawaii within 12 months of release).
  • The prospective student must first be accepted to attend BYU–Hawaii.
  • The recipient is a new freshman or transfer student enrolled in a minimum of 14 credit hours per semester. Former BYU–Hawaii students do not qualify.
  • The recipient commits to abide by the Honor Code.

Application Process:

  • The return missionary must initiate the process by filling out the RM Voucher form. click here:
  • Once this form is submitted, it will go directly to the mission president.The mission president will in return, submit this form along with his recommendation.
  • The recipient should contact the Financial Aid Office ( at BYU–Hawaii prior to arriving on campus to confirm the award.

Mission President

Mission President needs to submit the voucher within six months of the first day of the first semester on campus.

**Mission President has up to 6 vouchers he can nominate to receive the award per calendar year.

Awarding Process:

Each voucher is redeemable for the amount equal to one-half tuition for the first semester of enrollment at BYU–Hawaii.

RM Voucher Form:

Return Missionary Voucher Form


For more information on the returned missionary voucher program, please contact:

BYU–Hawaii Admissions

Phone: (808) 675-3738

Fax: (808) 675-3741



FAQ for Returned Missionaries

FAQ for Mission Presidents