Returned Missionary Voucher Program

Returned Missionary Voucher Program

In recognition of a proven commitment to study and sound leadership, exemplary missionaries who are from or have served in the Pacific Rim, but who do not qualify for the I-WORK financial aid program, may be selected by their mission president to receive equivalent to one-half tuition award for one semester to BYU–Hawaii.  By maintaining a good Grade Point Average (GPA), you are eligible to receive a scholarship for the next consecutive semester.  The amount will be determined by your performance in the previous semester.  For further information regarding scholarship amounts and criteria please visit: Financial Aid Terms and Conditions.


Prospective Students

  • The prospective student is from or has served a full-time mission in the Pacific Rim (South Pacific and Far East).
  • The prospective student is a returned missionary with an honorable release within the past year (must be admitted to BYU–Hawaii within 12 months of release).
  • The prospective student must first be accepted to attend BYU–Hawaii.
  • The recipient is a new freshman or transfer student enrolled in a minimum of 14 credit hours per semester. Former BYU–Hawaii students do not qualify.
  • The recipient commits to abide by the Honor Code.

Mission President

  • Mission President needs to submit the voucher within six months of the first day of the first semester on campus. 

        **Mission President has up to 6 vouchers he can nominate to receive the award per calender year.

Sister MissionariesApplication Process:

  • Once the mission president has selected a recipient for this award, he may use the online voucher submission form at:
  • The recipient should contact the Financial Aid Office ( at BYU–Hawaii prior to arriving on campus to confirm the award.

 Awarding Process:

  • Each Voucher is redeemable for the amount equal to one-half tuition for the first semester they are enrolled in at BYU–Hawaii.

 RM Voucher Form: 


For more information on the returned missionary voucher program,please contact BYU–Hawaii Admissions:

Phone: (808) 675-3738
Fax: (808) 675-3741