Missionary Deferment for New Admits

Congratulations again on your admission to BYU-Hawaii!

In the April 2013 General Conference address, Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve encouraged members of all ages to "catch the wave" of unprecedented enthusiasm for missionary work. He also spoke of the importance of education and, where feasible, for young men and young women to apply to a college or university before beginning missionary calls.

To support you in your missionary endeavors, you now have the opportunity to defer (officially delay or postpone) after your admission to BYU-Hawaii.

Why Defer?

Securing a missionary deferment allows you to postpone your admission to BYU-Hawaii allowing you to serve a mission and then attend BYU-Hawaii when you return without having to reapply.

 Where to Defer?

You will be sent a unique access code within 7 days of your admission in an email with the subject line of “BYU-H Intent to Enroll” that will allow you to defer your admission offer due to missionary service. It will be sent to the email listed on your application. This access code is very important for you to keep, as it will validate your identity using the information that you have provided in your application and allow you to begin the process of joining our BYU-Hawaii ‘ohana.

*If you do not receive your access code within 7 days please contact the admissions office at (808) 675-3738.

Deferment Criteria

To defer your admission, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Be recently admitted and have not yet attended classes on-campus at BYU-Hawaii. 
    If you are a current student you must defer your enrollment via your student account using the continuing student deferment (Request a Discontinuance) form. For questions regarding the currently enrolled student mission deferment process please contact the Registrars Office at 808-675-3736.
  2. Have already received your mission call.
  3. Are not currently enrolled in any on-campus classes at BYU-Hawaii. 
    This ensures tuition will not be billed to your student account, enrollment opportunities for on-campus classes are still open for others, and eliminates any question or possibility of academic penalty for not showing up to class.
  4. Are NOT a newly admitted IWORK/Sponsor Student. 
    *Deferment cannot be offered to newly admitted BYU-Hawaii IWORK Sponsor Students due to the accuracy of financial records that are necessary for this program.

    *Students that need or have already applied for IWORK Sponsorship are encouraged to serve a mission before coming to campus.

What to do if you are waiting for your mission call

If you have submitted your mission papers, or you are working on them, you must wait to complete the mission deferment process until you have your call. But do not worry. You have until the last day of the semester in which you were accepted to inform the university of your deferment. (For example, if you were admitted for Fall semester, you have until October 31st to complete the online intent to enroll form. If you log on to the form and your access code no longer works, please call 808-675-3738, and we will issue you a new code. 

There is no need for you to accept admission if you know that you are planning to defer. Just wait, and inform us of your call when you get it. 

We also recommend that you log back into your account and update your account with your mission information. 

Important dates:

Semester Date Agenda
Fall Feb.1 Application deadline



Fall decisions begins

Semester begins

Winter Jul.1 Application deadline



Winter decisions begins

Semester begins

Spring Oct.1 Application deadline


May 2

Spring decisions begin

Semester begins

Returning Missionaries:

Date Note
Returning July 16-30 Student may choose to return in Fall semester if they are a returning student, or a local (Hawaii) resident. Otherwise, student will be encouraged to return in Winter semester.
Returning October 16-30 Student may choose to return in Winter semester if they are a returning student, or a local (Hawaii) resident. Otherwise, student will be encouraged to return in Spring semester.
Returning February 16-28 Student may choose to return in Spring semester if they are a returning student, or a local (Hawaii) resident. Otherwise, student will be encouraged to return in Fall semester.