International Processing Fee

All international students (except Canadians) who have been admitted to BYU-Hawaii must pay a $500 International Processing Fee before any visa documents will be sent. 

If you are married, you will need to pay $500 for each of your dependents (spouse and children).

Let us explain more about the International Processing Fee

  • This fee is NOT a deposit and is not refundable unless you do not come to the university. If you do not come to the university, we will refund 100% of the return airfare fee.
  • If you leave the university for any reason other than to return home, you will not be eligible for the university to pay your airfare, to give you a refund, or to pay the difference in any tickets you might purchase on your own.
  • Students who leave the school to transfer to another school outside their home country or region are not eligible to have the university pay for the airfare.
  • Most return airfare tickets cost more than the International Processing fee. The university will pay the difference if the cost is higher than the fee, but there will be no refunds if the ticket is less.
  • When you are about to graduate from BYUH, do NOT make your return flight reservations on your own. You must go through the BYUH Travel office. If you make your own reservations through another travel agency, you will be responsible for paying the return airfare on your own.
  • Return reservations should be made at least one month before graduation to assure that you can get a seat on a plane as soon after graduation as possible and within the time limits set by the U.S  government for you to leave the country.

Pay the International Processing Fee 

There are two ways you can pay your International Processing Fee:

  1. Call the Cashiers office and pay over the phone. Their hours are 10am-3pm Hawaii Time. Their number is (808) 675-3724
  2. Pay through Flywire

Contact the Admissions Office at (808) 675 3738 or if you have questions on how to make this payment.