International Transcript Submission

The BYU Hawaii admissions office accepts emailed official transcripts provided they are sighted by the appropriate leader prior to being emailed to our office.

What is sighting? Sighting is the process of having the appropriate leader review the original transcripts and verifying they are true and correct. Individuals who can sight a transcript are: Bishops, Branch Presidents, Stake President or counselors, Self-Reliance Center Missionaries, Mission Presidents or their wife’s or others who have been cleared by the admissions office as an appropriate leader. Please contact our office at if you have questions about the appropriate leader.

To sight a transcripts please do the following:

  1. Official transcripts need to be taken to the appropriate leader. The leader needs to include the following:
  2. Leaders Printed Name, title (Bishop Parker), and date
  3. The following words “Official transcripts has been sighted”
  4. The leader needs to provide their signature
  5. Once that is done, they can be emailed to our office at

If you have any questions, email or call (808) 675-3738