Being located in a state with almost perfect weather and with one of the most beautiful campuses in the country, it is likely that you'll question, “Why didn’t I think of BYU-Hawaii sooner?” Exploring this page and others that describe our small and safe campus, diverse and tight-knit student body, unique academic structure, and the wonderful student services and experiences, you will begin to understand the special nature of BYU-Hawaii. We are only 5 minutes away from the historic Laie Hawaii Temple, 5 minutes away from #1 paid tourist attraction in all of Hawaii, the Polynesian Cultural Center, 5 minutes away from the closest beach, and we're also surrounded by numerous exquisite hiking trails. Virtual Tour is available if you would like to explore more of our campus, from wherever you are. Ranked consistently for its high quality academic programs and good range of majors, BYU-Hawaii would be the perfect choice for you.



Thanks to a generous subsidy by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, tuition (including student medical benefits) for LDS members is around $7,000 for 3 full semesters a year, making BYU-Hawaii one of the best universities by way of value per dollar in the entire United States. See our Cost Of Attendance here. 

As a byproduct of the relationship with the neighboring Polynesian Cultural Center, more than 1,900 students are able to obtain jobs at the center and on campus while studying here at BYU-Hawaii. A typical student can easily earn $9,000 a year to help pay for education expense. In addition, many students qualify for Pell Grants or scholarships that are offered on campus to academically qualified and/or financially needy students. To explore financial aid options, see our Financial Aid Homepage

Student Body 

Of our 2,900 students, 55% of the student body is from our target area (predominantly international), ranging from 70 different countries of origin. The other 45% of our students are domestic, from the U.S. mainland. 

International students have different application requirements depending on what country you are from. Click here for general application requirements and click here for the specific needs of your country’s academic system.  

U.S. Domestic students can find SAT/ACT requirements as well as other things they might need for their application. Click here for more information. 

If you are looking for transfer requirements, click here to see our list of courses from select schools around the nation

Life at BYU-Hawaii 

If you are a serious student who wants to study in a safe and spiritual environment that prepares students to be leaders, BYU-Hawaii will be perfect for you. Our honor code includes dress and conduct. See our full Honor Code here. With clubs, sports and tons of school activities, you will love campus life. Some of our roughly 40 clubs include the music club, the gaming club, the outdoors club, and clubs from cultures around the world. 

Hawaiian Studies Programs 

You will be surprised to learn that one of the classrooms in our Hawaiian studies program is the Iosepa, a wa’a canoe (a double-hulled voyaging canoe) carved by master craftsmen, students, and members of our community. You will have the opportunity to learn the Hawaiian culture in a hands-on experience sailing the seas. We offer classes in Hawaiian, Samoan, Maori, and Tongan language, ukulele, and dance classes from around the Pacific. 

Online Education 

For students who want to better prepare or even complete a few courses before making the move to campus, BYU-Hawaii offers some classes online, you visit the BYU-Hawaii Online student website.  You can explore the cost, which is very inexpensive and customized per country, their course list, and also find answers to he FAQs for Online Learning.