Deferring Enrollment

How to postpone attending BYUH for a period of time for a mission.

To defer means that you postpone registering for classes for a period of time to serve a LDS Mission.


LDS Mission Deferments

New Students Deferring

After you receive your mission call and before you leave on your mission, you will need to defer through the 'Intent To Enroll' form.

In the ITE, you will have the option to select:

  • Accept, Defer, Delay, or Cancel.
  • If you have received your mission call and have your information available, you will select 'Defer' .
  • If you are in the process of completing your papers or awaiting your call, you will select 'Delay'. Then once you get your mission information, you will log back in to the ITE with the same token you have received, to update your mission deferment.

If you have not received an Intent to Enroll email, please contact the Admissions Office and they will provide you with a new token.

The last day to complete the mission deferment is the last day of the semester which you have been admitted to. If not, the result maybe you will need to reapply for school. 


Current Students Deferring

If you are currently enrolled in school and decide to serve an LDS Mission, you must complete the 'Discontinuance' form. This form is processed online through the Registrar's Office. (See instructions below)

  1. Go to:
  2. Click on myBYUH tab
  3. Click on Student Center
  4. Enter CES Net ID and Password
  5. At the top, click Self Service
  6. Click on Request Discontinuance
  7. Click on Proceed to Discontinuance
  8. Fill out the form
    • Under 'Reason for Request'. Select 'Mission'
    • Under 'Returning to BYUH? Select 'Yes' if you plan on returning after mission. 
    • Under 'When?', pick the semester in which you intend on returning.
  9. Complete the form and Click Submit.

If you are experiencing technical issues with the discontinuance form, you can contact the Registrar's Office at (808) 675-3743.


Returning from LDS Mission Deferment

Upon returning to school from the mission, students should keep in mind the following. 

  • Ecclesiastical endorsement: You must have a current ecclesiastical endorsement. To complete this requirement, submit the continuing student ecclesiastical endorsement form found online at
  • Financial & Honor Code Holds: All financial obligations and honor code holds must be cleared, before a decision can be rendered. 
  • International StudentsFor returning missionaries that are International students, please follow the instruction below in the section that applies to you.
    • IWORK Program: IWORK students are not eligible for missionary deferment.
    • Self-Funded (Non-IWORK) or PAS Recipients: You will need to provide current financial documentation and ecclesiastical endorsement through APPLY.LDS.ORG. Once this has been completed and submitted, an officer will review your application before rendering a decision.