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Country Criteria

If you need any help, the local contacts in your country can help you finish your application requirements on time.

International Applicants

International applicants may send a copy of their transcripts via email if it has been properly cited by their bishops.

To cite a transcript please complete the steps below.

  1. Official transcripts need to be taken to the appropriate leader. The leader needs to include the following:
    1. Leader's printed name, title (Branch President, Bishop, etc.) and the date.
    2. The following words: "Official transcript has been cited."
  2. The leader then signs the transcript underneath the above information.
  3. The student can then email a PDF version of the transcript to our office at

*NOTE: All transcripts must be received two weeks before the deadline for the semester you are applying. All documents received within the two weeks before the deadline will be considered late and may not be processed before the deadline, resulting in an incomplete application. If you are sending your transcripts through the mail, please send them far enough in advance to arrive two weeks before the deadline.