BYU-Hawaii Admissions Criteria:

  1. Complete Form 7 (So. Pacific 7th Form Certificate) passing exams in five (5) academic subjects (one must be English) with a score of 50 (achieved) or higher in each course. --OR--
  2. Complete the University of South Pacific “Foundation Program” taking a minimum of seven courses (one must be English) with a “C” grade or better in each course . --OR-- 
  3. Complete one full year at the Tonga Institute of Education or the Tonga Institute of Higher Education with a C or better in each course.
  4. Meet the English test requirement             
  5. Maturity acquired through missionary service, military service, and work experience will also be favorably considered   
  6. Meet other admissions criteria such as a clear ecclesiastical endorsement, minimum family financial contribution, etc.

Important Notice from BYU-Hawaii regarding A Level, Form Seven and Foundation Level courses. Effective for applications submitted from and including Winter 2014, BYU-Hawaii will no longer award transfer (cross) credits for results on Form Seven (or equivalent), A Level and foundation level courses. These results are considered pre-degree and will be used as an indicator of academic preparation in the admissions index.


Verna Tukuafu

Important Note:
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