David O. McKay Recruitment Award

Understanding that the cost of pursuing higher education is no small expense, we recognize that students are constantly seeking ways to offset their higher education costs.  As a benefit to our new and admitted student cohorts, BYU-Hawaii may offer a David O' McKay  award to a select number of qualified students.  The number of award recipients  is not predetermined and varies from year to year based on class size, the amount of funds available, and university recruitment goals and criteria.


  • The recipient must be an admitted new freshman or first time transfer student seeking an undergraduate degree
    • Former BYU-H students and IWORK students are not eligible
  • The recipient must be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • The recipient must enroll and complete at least 14 credit hours in each semester

Application process

No application is necessary. Admitted students who complete their CES application by the standard deadlines of semester to which they are applying will be automatically reviewed. Evaluations will be based on the information provided in the CES application and scholarships will be awarded according, but not limited to the following criteria:

  • Academic excellence
  • Spiritual preparation
  • Leadership
  • Declared major
  • School preference
  • Recommendations from priesthood leaders and seminary teachers
  • CES application essays

The award is non-renewable and may not be combined with any other BYU-Hawaii first year award or scholarship offer (for example, RM voucher and Athletic). If one has been extended, the one providing the best value to the student will be honored.

The award is offered in the amounts of either a half or quarter tuition for one semester. Award recipients will be notified though the BYU-Hawaii student email account.

All above guidelines are also applicable to the Holomua Award.