BYUH Entrance Requirements:  HS Graduation  + 1 Years University GPA of 2.75 or lower (Philippine grading system)

Language of Instruction: Tagalog/Spanish/English

  1. Ecclesiastical Endorsement
  2. HS Graduation  + 1 Years University GPA of 2.75 or lower (Philippine grading system) (If you have attended a Computer Schools instead of a university, please contact the Admissions Office to see if the school is acceptable or not.)
  3. Meet the English test requirement

Please be aware that updated transcripts from ALL PREVIOUSLY ATTENDED COLLEGES must be sent along with your application. Not listing all institutions both U.S. and international you have attended/are attending can result in a loss of credit and dismissal. It is your responsibility to make sure an official transcript from each institution, including LDS Institute, is submitted before the application deadline.

BYU-Hawaii Philippine Grade Evaluation Chart
Phil Grade US Equiv. US GPA Phil % Grade
1 A 4 95-100
1.25 A 4 91-94
1.5 A- 3.7 90
1.75 B+ 3.5 89
B 3 87-88
2.25 B- 2.7 85-86
2.5-2.75 C+ 2.5 83-84
3 C 2.0 81-82
3.25 C- 1.7 78-80
3.5 D+ 1.5 75-77
3.75 D 1.0 72-74
4 D- 0.7 70-71
4.25-5 F 0.0 0-69


We have been informed that all Philippine students coming to the US with a J visa are required to attend a Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar sponsored by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas.

The seminar will be held AFTER you have received your J1 visa.  If you do not attend the seminar, you will not be allowed to board your flight to Hawaii.  Please contact the Commission and arrange to attend the seminar. 

Commission on Filipinos Overseas

Citigold Center, 1345 Quirino Avenue cor.

Osmena Highway, Manila 1007

Tel. No.: (+632) 552- 4700

Fax No.: (+632)561-8332



You will be required to bring your passport, a copy of your passport, a copy of your visa, DS 2019, a passport size photo and P400 to the seminar. 


Area S&I Director

Miguel R. Valdez

Church Educational System

c/o Manila Philippines

Admin Office #13 Temple Drive

cor. White Plains

Greenmeadows Subdivision,

Quezon City, Philippines


S&I Secretary

Liza Basconillo

(632) 683-7294

Fax: (632)-683-7242