BYUH Freshman Admissions Criteria:

  1. Ecclesiastical Endorsement
  2. Gerchilgee School Leaving Certificate with a 3.5 average in a minimum of 5 subjects+ I year of university level academic education
  3. Meet the English test requirement 

 Transfer Admissions Criteria:

  1. Ecclesiastical Endorsement
  2. Applicants should have 24, or more, semester hours of college credit from an accredited institution with a “B” (US equivalent) grade point average.  Transfer credit hours may also be earned through distance education over the Internet.
  3. Meet the English test requirement 

Please be aware that updated transcripts from ALL PREVIOUSLY ATTENDED COLLEGES must be sent along with your application. Not listing all institutions both U.S. and international you have attended/are attending can result in a loss of credit and dismissal. It is your responsibility to make sure an official transcript from each institution, including LDS Institute, is submitted before the application deadline.

Other Factors:

Missionary and community service, work experience, and age may also be used as determining factors in admission.

For more information on how to submit your transcripts, see International Transcript Submission


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