BYUH Entrance Requirements:

Proof of (future or past) Sr. High School Graduation & Transcripts for 3 years.

Grading System in Higher Education:

A-D. A = distinguished mastery of the course; 
B = good mastery; C = acceptable mastery;
and D = minimally acceptable achievement

Freshman Admissions Criteria:

  1. Ecclesiastical Endorsement
  2. High school transcripts with a GPA of at least a 2.5
  3. Meet the English test requirement
  4. Missionary and community service, work experience, and age may also be used as determining factors in admission.
  5. For homeschooled students; GED (Geom Jeong Go Si) acceptable with an aggregate score of at least 640+ and an ACT test score of 21+.

 For more information on how to submit your transcripts, see International Transcript Submission


Hyun Seog Cho 조 현석

Self-Reliance Services Manager (Korea)

응암로 28
3-603 (북가좌1동, 한양아파트)
, 서대문구
Seoul-teukbyeolsi 120-765
South Korea

Office: 82-10-4874-9418

Email: chohs@ldschurch.org